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The Main Causes of Scaffold Falls; & How to Avoid Them

Unfortunately, working in the scaffolding industry can be quite dangerous, but thanks to modern technology, the number of scaffolding falls has reduced quite dramatically. If you are in charge of a team of scaffolders, it is your duty, responsibility, and legal obligation to ensure that safety measures and protocols are in place to protect your team as much as possible. 

As suppliers of scaffolding and edge protection scaffold in Waikato, Tauranga Scaffolding is passionate about scaffolding safety. In this article, we look at some of the most common reasons for scaffolding falls and how you and your team can prevent them.

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors such as strong winds can be very dangerous, especially when working at extreme heights. Rain and snow may also increase slipperiness and decrease visibility. Project managers should make responsible calls when it comes to working in adverse weather conditions.

No Edge Protection Scaffold

Edge protection serves as a guardrail and barrier, and without it, a team member may easily slip through the scaffolding and over the edge. It is very important that your project invest in the right edge protection and ensure that it is installed correctly. It could save a life!

Unortharised Personnel Accessing the Scaffolding

When you are done for the day, you should secure your scaffolding so that no unauthorized personnel can gain access to it. Someone roaming the streets at night may think it would be a fun idea to climb it. This can result in disaster, especially if the person is intoxicated.

Lack of Training

Before your team members take to tackling scaffolding, they should be properly trained. Not only that, you should ensure that your team members understand the safety protocol, especially if training is not given in their first language.

Cutting Corners

While you may have a deadline to get the scaffolding up, time limits should never compromise the quality of the construction. Scaffolding needs to be erected with care to ensure that it does not collapse in on itself.

Not Enforcing the Use of PPE 

Never get slack when it comes to enforcing the use of PPE, it can save a life when it comes down to it.

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