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Why Scaffolding is Essential During Construction

When you see or hear mention of the word ‘construction’, you probably instantly picture a half-assembled building with an amalgam of platforms and poles — collectively what you would call ‘scaffolding’ — around it. Indeed, scaffolding is now often routinely used for building projects.

There are several good reasons for this, as the following points illustrate.

Scaffolding Enables Builders to Work at Height 

It is a routine thing for scaffolding to be erected before the heavy-duty construction work even begins. Our Tauranga-based company Tauranga Scaffolding can put up safe scaffolding at residential or commercial sites in this New Zealand coastal city and elsewhere in the Bay of Plenty or East Waikato area.

Scaffolds Outclass Ladders in Stability and Security 

Why use scaffolds for working at height when ladders would theoretically suffice? One answer to this question is that ladders can require builders to work at an awkward angle. Besides, scaffolding would make it easier for multiple people to work right beside each other on the same part of the building.

Scaffolding is Safer for Workers and the Public Alike 

Working at height is always dangerous or risky to at least some extent. However, scaffolding consists of solid, secure platforms with barriers attached — enabling builders to work more safely than would be the case with ladders.

Scaffolding also comes with netting that can catch any loose debris and consequently prevent it from falling on members of the public on the ground below.

Scaffolding Can Make Various Parts of a Building Easier to Reach

If you intend to embark on a building project, and are eager to work on a specific section of a building but keep wondering how you are supposed to physically reach that part safely, scaffolding can come to the rescue. 

That’s because scaffolding can be designed in a bespoke manner accounting for the building’s specific form and dimensions. The basic takeaway from all of this that you could be pleasantly surprised by how much more easily you are able to target a specific bit of a building once custom scaffolding is in place.

To request that we prepare and assemble safe scaffolding for residential or commercial needs in the Bay of Plenty region or East Waikato, please email