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What Are the Different Types of Edge Protection for Scaffolding?

Edge protection is designed to prevent people or objects from falling to a lower level, this usually involves using handrails or guardrails for protection over the edge of high-up surfaces that are being worked on. 

These rials can be installed in a range of different locations such as rooftops, train station platforms, football stadiums, warehouses and other facilities. If someone is at risk of falling 2 meters or more from their work surface, then some sort of edge protection must be installed for their safety. 

There are a few factors to consider when deciding which form of Edge Protection is most suitable for your project. 

There are three main forms of Edge Protection for you to consider when working at height.

1) Fixed Guardrail & Handrail

A Fixed Guardrail system is created to offer everlasting protection for anyone working at a height. The fixed rail is usually fixed into the top of a parapet wall. With this in mind, the only adjustable function of the rail is its height.

2) Collapsible Guardrail & Handrail

A Collapsible Guardrail can be folded flat to the ground when it is not being used. The ultra-strong hinged bracket allows the collapsible rail to straightforwardly be folded down on itself when it is not being used. 

3) Freestanding Guardrail & Handrail

The Freestanding Guardrail enables you to work at a height without actually penetrating the roof surface, through the use of a counterbalance design. 

Despite the type of edge protection your particular project requires, Tauranga Scaffolding can assist. 

In need of Edge protection for scaffold in Waikato? Edge Protection for scaffolding is used to provide guardrails and safety barriers that protect both workers and equipment from falling off of the scaffolding. At Tauranga Scaffolding, we provide the highest quality, reliable edge protection for scaffolding in the Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Tauranga. We can design the perfect system that suits you and your building requirements. With edge protection, your trades can complete their jobs safely and effectively, no matter where they need to go. Contact us on 027 217 5238 to see if we can help with your project.