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Importance of Edge Protection Scaffolds: Ensuring Safety on Construction Sites

 It’s crucial not to underestimate what a dangerous environment a construction site can be for not only builders but also pedestrians who may pass nearby. This all begins to explain why, if you are set to embark on a construction project, you need to hire an edge protection scaffold for it. 

Of course, depending on the scale of the project, you may require multiple such scaffolds — but how exactly can these assist in protecting people from injury? 

Edge Protection Can Both Prevent and Mitigate Accidents 

Edge protection is available in various forms differing in how they provide safety. Edge protection can consist of a physical barrier affixed along an under-construction structure’s edge. 

This type of edge protection is intended to prevent workers from falling off the edge and injuring themselves as a result. Were those edges to be left unprotected, injury could also come about due to materials slipping off them and hitting an unsuspecting victim, such as a pedestrian, on the ground. 

However, edge protection can even be implemented in situations where it would be impossible to eliminate the risk of a fall. Examples of such edge protection include safety nets and soft landing systems capable of cushioning — and shortening the distance of — drops that do occur. 

In any case, it is important that any edge protection required is implemented by specialist professionals who know how to ensure it is fit for purpose. This is why we are happy to erect an edge protection scaffold for building work that demands it in the Bay of Plenty, Waikato or Tauranga. 

Get Building Work Done More Quickly with Our Help

Through enhancing the safety of the construction site for everyone there, edge protection can also make it easier for you to keep the building project as a whole on schedule — since there would be a reduced likelihood of delays resulting from accidents. 

With such postponements kept to a minimum, your workers will also be able to spend more of their time making sure that the work meets the high standard the client would have a right to expect.

If you are planning a construction project that will entail members of your team undertaking work at height in Waikato, Tauranga or the Bay of Plenty, why not hire an edge protection scaffold from Tauranga Scaffolding? It’s easy to obtain a free quote by phoning 027 217 5238.